Dorsey-Liberty Post 14

"Veterans Helping Veterans"

Saturday doors open at 4:30 PM early bird starts at 6:45 PM
Wednesday doors open at 4:30 PM early bird starts at 6:45 PM
Come early for the running of the horses with Down Line Derbies.


The Post provides the cleanest and best bingo facilities in the area. Bingo and Pull Tab sales provide the funding needed to support our programs. Children 7 and over are welcome to play. This is a non-smoking facility . The costs to play for one person are listed below:

Wednesday and Saturday Bingo:

One 9-on set complete with early bird $ 18.00

Two 9-on set complete with 2 early bird $ 34.00

Progressive Blackout "2 game board" sheets: $1.00 each.

Games Prizes:

5 early birds prizes $ 40.00 minimum

10 Regular games prizes $ 50.00

1 Special game prize $ 200.00 and 1 Special game prize $250.00

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 2017:   Rollover Blackout: $1,981 in 45 numbers or less; 46 numbers or more $250.  

                                                    Progressive Blackout: $1000 in 55 numbers or less; 56 numbers or more $300.

                                                                              QUEEN OF HEARTS:  $410+  progresses with sales of tickets.   




Air Conditioned--Heated


SNACK BAR open at 5:30 P M on Wed. and Sat. nachos, chips, ice tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc

3408 W 6th St, next to U-Haul (East of).


                                                                              Greetings to the Legion Family
         We are really pleased with the success of the Bingo program.  Thank you to the men and women who have worked on Wednesday and Saturday evenings  to make this program a success.  The callers, the floor walkers, the pull tab sellers.  These people have volunteered countless hours to make this program the success that it is.  The program couldn't survive without these volunteers.

        The Pull Tabs are a vital part of our bingo night income.  All it takes is sitting in a chair for about 4 hours, 1 night a month.  (Sometimes extra nights are necessary to fill in for someone in an emergency).  You're always paired up with someone else so you're never handling it alone.

        The Callers are a vital part of our bingo game.  It's a fun way to interact with the players.  Again, you are sitting in a chair, calling the numbers.  About 3 hours of your time.  We would never throw you to the wolves until you were trained. The bingo machine is easy to learn to operate.

        The Floor Walkers are a vital part of our bingo game as well.  You are on the bingo floor with extra bingo game paper to sell to players.  They hold up their hand and you take them paper and they pay you for it.  Easy -- Peasy.  You don't have to stand all evening.  You can sit and wait for someone to raise their hand.  When someone calls a bingo, whichever floor walker is closest, goes to that person, checks his bingo card, and reads the control number of the card to
 the bingo caller.

        We could use people who would rather do clean up work after we close or even the morning after.  If someone would be interested in that, please let us know.  If we could close up and go home as soon as the last number is called, knowing someone would be there in the morning to clean up, we would be ecstatically happy.

Jo Dalquest
Bingo MGR

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